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  2. faive

    Ads opening on mobile

    tiene un bug lo acabo de encontrar no funciona la publicidad en mobil. aparece pero no funciona cuando das clik.
  3. savke

    Problem when install new dooplay

    I think they have some error on line 864 private function isset($data, $key){ @emeza you should take look on this there is error on line 864, 909, 926
  4. Iordache Silviu

    Problem when install new dooplay

    You need php 7. Do you have in your cpanel something called "MultiPHP Manager". If you do, then go there, select and your domain and change the php version to 7.
  5. I have problem like this " Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'isset' (T_ISSET), expecting identifier (T_STRING) in /home/jasapasa/movieonline.id/wp-content/themes/dooplay/inc/doo_links.php on line 864" How to fix this problem?
  6. Last week
  7. Overule

    Confirm Customer Please

    I can not access on other area. please confirm my account. I did enter on this forum license key but not activated. Can you help me sir? Thanks
  8. james007

    Pre-Sale Questions

    Thank you Guys for replying
  9. SoloKvcd

    Pre-Sale Questions

    También quise lo mismo, pero NO. me instale un Nulled antes de Comprar que no recomiendo ya que vienen Infectados con códigos. Saludos vale la Pena Comprar!!!!
  10. Shn

    Pre-Sale Questions

    Hi, on my site it work fine with another language, wp plugins like yoast seo work fine too, ads you can place wherever you want
  11. james007

    Pre-Sale Questions

    Hello I would like to know if it is possible to Use French as a Default language ? Can i get a demo ? i would like to see what is like inside the Admin Area to use before buying, For 30 min , that's enough, please is it possible to install other Plugins ? such as YoastSeo ? or any other WordPress Plugin ? do i have full control over where the ads will be placed or it is already specified ? Thank you
  12. Hi, I didnt get your comment, anyway, i did it through functions, and the results comes out as they should with the domain/search/batman https://picr.ws/d/ZQ0.jpg cheers.
  13. BigFelix


    I see one of the requirements regarding this theme is that "mod_rewrite" is enabled. I wanted to know if I could use this theme with Nginx, it doesn't feature mod_rewrite but you can get the same functionality with modifying the server block.
  14. BigFelix

    Any Discount Available?

    Looking for this as well.
  15. BigFelix

    How Can I Buy With BTC?

    Would like to know the answer to this as well. I only see a way to pay via paypal.
  16. Gran aporte a la comunidad, Sólo algo que noté Haciéndolo a través de functions. Si se escribe el nombre de una pelicula con varias por ejemplo "Batman" Si seleccionas "Ver todos los resultados", siempre te redirecciona al primer resultado de la opciones. A través de .htaccess sucede lo mismo, pero solo si pongo otra palabra que sea diferente a "search" Saludos.
  17. Infinity

    Contact form not sending notification

    Bro, where is configuration page? I can't find it. I receive mails from everything except from contact form. (For ex: when someone report video, i receive mail.)
  18. Iordache Silviu

    Can i use doothemes for anime site ?

    You can, but you will also have to add each episode by hand. I think you can find all the anime you want on themoviedb if you search them by their english name.
  19. pmvuong

    Can i use doothemes for anime site ?

    For anime not listed on themoviedb,can i add it manually ?
  20. Iordache Silviu

    Can i use doothemes for anime site ?

    You can and the theme has a tool that you can use to import the tv shows/anime and episodes directly from the themoviedb. You will only have to add the video. Demo here: https://dooplay.themes.pe/
  21. Hello,i want to ask,can i use doothemes for anime site,with multi episodes ? if yes,could anyone send me a demo screenshots ? thank you very much!
  22. This short tutorial will cover the following search slug transformation: mydomain.com/?s=search-term to mydomain.com/search/search-term Two methods I know: 1st method: Editing Your Theme Functions File by adding at the end of the file /** * Change search page slug to /search/ */ function wp_change_search_url() { if ( is_search() && ! empty( $_GET['s'] ) ) { wp_redirect( home_url( "/search/" ) . urlencode( get_query_var( 's' ) ) ); exit(); } } add_action( 'template_redirect', 'wp_change_search_url' ); 2nd method: Using .htaccess (apache) # Change WordPress search URL slug to /search/ RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} \\?s=([^&]+) [NC] RewriteRule ^$ /search/%1/? [NC,R,L] Both methods presume you want to use /search/ , but you can change it to whatever you want. Enjoy!
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  24. avdiel

    Update dooplay 2.1.9

    Problem solved. It was in the old cache.
  25. Update 2.1.9 did not solve my problem. Video publishing URL source or Shortcode, it is impossible to enable video on a mobile phone. On the computer everything is fine. Again you come back to 2.1.7. What's the problem? used PHP 7.0.
  26. Help me please. After updating the template to version 2.1.8. The video does not play on the mobile phone, everything is fine on the computer. I use the URL source or Shortcode. There are no visible errors.
  27. Hi, I'm using the dooplay theme for wordpress and I would like to know if it's possible to put two video qualities in the same JwPlayer player?
  28. Akai

    How to remove sidebar

    so i am sorry
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