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  4. Round style quality and episode title

    ya lo arregle , no habia creado la categoria gracias
  5. Round style quality and episode title

    Did you put the code in the right place? because for me it still works... you should have something like that in your Custom CSS. (you can change the color codes if necessary)
  6. Round style quality and episode title

    He agredado el codigo a dooplay css y guando los cambios pero no funciona podrias ayudarme
  7. Earlier
  8. HOW to put 30 movies on homepage only?

    Do not get me, send it to me at this email: [email protected]
  9. HOW to put 30 movies on homepage only?

  10. HOW to put 30 movies on homepage only?

  11. HOW to put 30 movies on homepage only?

    Send me your license by MP to be able to help you.
  12. how do I put a movies selection on homepage? I want to display 30 movies on my homepage please help me support =)
  13. Can we add a "Wacthed" button?

    Great Idea!
  14. publish auto content

    No es posible esa modificación. Saludos
  15. cast page information

  16. ADD new flag for Dooplay theme

    EDIT 02/10/17: The flags are now in the file doo_player.php. I have edit this post with the new cod
  17. publish auto content

    Nobody to help me?
  18. publish auto content

    i mean when import the content Instead published, Go to draft mode
  19. publish auto content

    hello how to change status published content to draft?
  20. cast page information

    No hay error, debes refrescas tus enlaces permanentes y seleccionar la opcion Post Name.
  21. cast page information

    hi The page of the cast is not found on my website, what's the problem?(Error 404)
  22. Firstly i want to say this " your theme is best" Just i need one more thing. My users wants this "if they whacthed, they want to know". They want check, and track movies or tv series. They want "Watched" Link. I really want buy your theme but i need this specification. Can you do that for me?
  23. Buy the theme

    Dooplay solo esta disponible en español e ingles pero es de fácil traducción utilizando el plugin WP my Translate.
  24. Buy the theme

    I want to buy this theme, can you give me a discount? Another question, does it support Chinese?
  25. Me gustaría adquirir el theme

    Me ha salido una notificación de respuesta pero no me aparece nada
  26. Features

    Hemos añadido todos los accesos a su cuenta, tomare en cuenta las sugerencias que nos ha hecho llegar.. gracias por su compra.. regreso en algunas hora ya es hora de descansar por acá.. saludos cordiales..
  27. Features

    Hello, I already bought your theme. I can't access support forums for now so I think I'll just post my suggestions here. Please add "Report" on post links so members can be able to report each link when it's not working. Please allow us to change avatar. Please add TVSHow calendar like this one http://www.tvmuse.com/schedule.html That's all, thanks!
  28. Modification

    Lo siento, no trabajamos en ningún tipo de modificación..
  29. Hola, me gustaría adquirir el theme ya que estoy montando una web y es el que más me gusta, podría acceder a algún tipo de descuento? Gracias
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