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  2. the problem is either caching/minimizing content or php version i have the same issue when updating my site sometimes simply refresh cache and disable any css or js minification that is causing errors
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  4. Hello, I want to sell my website, but I do not know How Much Is My Website Worth And How Do I Sell It. the URL : www.spreadmovie.com Thanks in Advance
  5. did it by <h3 class="epih3"><?php echo doo_isset($postmeta, 'episode_name'); ?></h3> <?php echo 'your content' . the_content(); dbmovies_get_images($images); ?>
  6. anyone any info on this ? trying to import mtdb has no episodes for some tv shows when imdb does have them
  7. I did it by editing episodios.php. We can close this thread.
  8. im having an issue with genres page i cannot filter movies or tv shows it says Page not found ERROR 404 Suggestions: Verify that the link is correct. Use the search box on the page. Contact support page. my permalink settings are set to just Post name https://mywebsite/sample-post/ anyone know how to fix this please? thanks
  9. hi when i grab a movies it gets the watch links but its not getting any links for series can you please assist?
  10. I dont know realy but you can add something custom via php file. You must ask @emeza about that.
  11. @savke Eg, like we have customize content for shows aswell movies, i would like to do something like that for all episodes http://prntscr.com/yujlzx
  12. How you mean give me some examples
  13. @savke Do you know how to add extra content to episodes?
  14. @savke Thanks I have updated theme and it works in one line.
  15. Hi, like in the title. I'm trying to customize content, but unfortunatelly it doesn't show on movie/show. https://prnt.sc/yqgtt8 my settings are on the screenshot.
  16. this code work with version 2.3.3?
  17. Hi Team, JW player support mp4 and m3u8 links. But Plyr.io not support m3u8 links. They support only mp4 links. How to fix the issue? How can help me sort the issue. Thanx
  18. not everything is reprogrammed, of course. I have changed about 500 lines of code. Before updates you need to back up
  19. I saw that just some files have changed. My doo_player for example is still the same
  20. if you change the code, you must also save. It is not intended that the code does not change when updating.
  21. great release
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