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  4. Managed to figure out a few things, still need help with a few more if anyone can help ❤️
  5. Need to update the theme, but the website always prompts the wrong username or password. After clicking the forgot password, the email address opens the prompt link is invalid. Please enter your username or email address. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Your password reset link appears to be invalid. Please request a new link below. Username or Email Address
  6. If someone could even just tell me which files I need to look at editing that would be helpful?
  7. check your screenshot. it get removed
  8. What are you using to host the video?
  9. Hey Everyone! I've played around with everything and I had a few questions I was hoping could be addressed. I am using this theme as a personal solution to manage my movie and TV collection. Previously stored on OneDrive (just streaming directly), I have purchased GSuite and will be moving my collection over. There are maybe 15 users max. Do I need to do anything to protect my connection? Site only accessible when logged in and share links are not shared to anyone else but me. A few other things I was looking for help with are. Answer to the above Remove Ratings (complete) Remove Views (complete) Remove Social Bar on mobile Remove Social Links on website (such as Movies and tv links) (complete) Remove Add links section (complete) Remove Sidebars on movies (complete), tv shows, seasons (still looking) Make the template full screen instead of fixed What file to add the code for my video slider code (complete) I have looked everywhere on these forums and other websites without luck or enough explanation for me to do it myself. Thanks again for any help and have a super day!
  10. the theme is great and working great on my computer, but when i try to upload movies (add links of new movies) using my phone, it start bugging and won't click to add the links and keeps sending me back all the way up to the movie description
  11. http://prntscr.com/o4kgqv http://prntscr.com/o4kgxp
  12. When I try to Play Video , the player don"t Load Please help And i have No Idea how to work with JWPLAYER
  13. I geeting too many server error in google webmaster tools. I want to fix this.
  14. I have the same issue. The player will load but buttons are not working (frozen) when you click
  15. JW-player no working , and then he said plyr.io player is working fine, i selected this but that is also not loading, only display preview but don't play video
  16. Select "JW Player" to display player Appearance > Dooplay options > Video Player > Page jwplayer
  17. my player is not loading, it keeps on 5 seconds and remain there, never loads.
  18. Have a specific resource?
  19. Merci beaucoup 😉
  20. Please @emeza make this feature possible again. I can modify layout and css whatever I want but I would like to use poster image and not episode image. Thanks @Akai do you have solution for poster image and not episode image?
  21. Megustaria que la opción de Language fuera modificable por uno mismo, por que hay persona que se confunden cuando se le agrega en Idioma Spanish y no hay opción de Poner Latino.... Ayúdame en eso @emeza

  22. Where can I post to request for this function to be added back on in the next update?
  23. the only reason this mod can't use on dooplay 2.3.1 is poster function on episode editor already remove by @emeza so i can't get the poster on episode home module. thanks
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