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  3. hola saludos alguin me puede ayudar a activar mi pagina ???
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  5. hey i want to change the style of my website to look like this one in the screenshot : as you will notice every tvshow has its season number and episode number like the style we use for to show quality in movies please help !
  6. i dont know your languages. but i little understand . first this types error is coming only is imdb rating issue you change the rating value then fix webmaster tools for example imdb rating is 0 . than change above 5. that all
  7. The Seaons and Epiosdes under tv show were once visible and now they are not showing if in try to see them in epiosdes page they are visible , Ex: http://telugurockers.co.in/tvshows/mirzapur/ visit this series once here episodes aew seasons were shown now it is not happening if i try like this http://telugurockers.co.in/seasons/mirzapur-season-1/ here it was showing please help me in rectifying this problem
  8. Hola, dejaré esta pregunta aquí, estoy buscando un pluggin para suscriptores que los visitantes puedan suscribirse y recibir correos cuando se publiquen nuevo contenido ya probé algunos y no funcionan nunca llegan los avisos me preguntaba será porque es un tema personalizado que el feed no lee cuando se publican nuevas entradas que alguien me saque de esa duda si hay uno compatible o no funcionan con estos temas personalizados y así para dejar de estar buscando más pluggin para suscriptores...
  9. Hello friend, I would like to set a limit in the archive-episodes.php file, You can use The Loop as a study: https://codex.wordpress.org/The_Loop More I would not recommend, It would be more practical for you to use an infinite scroll plugin or ajax load.
  10. Boa tarde irmão, Você pode estar baixando o plugin Loco Translate no seu painel wordpress, Ele permite que você traduza o seu tema ou plugin para seu idioma manualmente.
  11. Hello friends, how are you? I don't know if anyone has ever taught changing the format of the dooplay date, but come on, you don't need much knowledge to change The file you need to find is functions.php located at /dooplay/functions.php Find the code on line 37: It is based on the wordpress date formats, you can study those formed by this link: https://wordpress.org/support/article/formatting-date-and-time/ Here are some examples of date format with the result output. F j, Y g:i a – November 6, 2010 12:50 am F j, Y – November 6, 2010 F, Y – November, 2010 g:i a – 12:50 am g:i:s a – 12:50:48 am l, F jS, Y – Saturday, November 6th, 2010 M j, Y @ G:i – Nov 6, 2010 @ 0:50 Y/m/d \a\t g:i A – 2010/11/06 at 12:50 AM Y/m/d \a\t g:ia – 2010/11/06 at 12:50am Y/m/d g:i:s A – 2010/11/06 12:50:48 AM Y/m/d – 2010/11/06 After you change the way you want the date, just save! I changed to the Brazilian graduate. Here is the result:
  12. No but I custom dooplay plugin which allows you to edit bulk episodes and add different links for each of them
  13. Dear Support I have with the order number 48096 a lifetime licence bought. I paid $100 for it. So now I have the problem that I forgot my password. The password reset does not work. Can you please help me reset my password for my Doothemes account? Best Regards cello009
  14. I'm talking about support. Still didn't got any reply. So first read my whole comment.
  15. Theme is working perfectly.
  16. Hello! I have purchased a license, activated my account, logged in at https://dbmvs.com/, then I get my API key, and when I finally enter it in my wordpress and save changes, it is blank, I had to close and open again but I request the API key again. I have uninstalled the plugins and nothing happens, the same error occurs, I suspect that is the issue, I need help, thanks.
  17. Worst Support, Ever. No Reply from admin or support team. This theme is dead. DON'T BUY !
  18. I have created Tamilrockers Website - Here Tamilrockers Website Provides Latest Movies Check Nowe.
  19. Gostaria de sugerir uma nova função para o sistema. Alguns filmes são dual áudio, seria possível implementa no sistema uma forma de identificar os 2 áudios e escolher em qual áudio deseja ver o filme. Dessa forma o usuário pode escolher qual áudio deseja escutar no filme.
  20. How? http://play.plyr.xyz/embed/{google_drive_id} Play with Settings: Play Video Only http://play.plyr.xyz/embed/{google_drive_id}/ Download Only http://play.plyr.xyz/embed/{google_drive_id}/dl Remote Subtitle: http://play.plyr.xyz/embed/{google_drive_id}/?sub={link_of_subtitle} ex: (dl only) http://play.plyr.xyz/embed/1dY_HxWdwdsaaQjdO_nDZO-c8z2EAbV6W/dl (view only) http://play.plyr.xyz/embed/1dY_HxWdwdsaaQjdO_nDZO-c8z2EAbV6W/view (play embed with DL) http://play.plyr.xyz/embed/1dY_HxWdwdsaaQjdO_nDZO-c8z2EAbV6W (with sub) https://gpp-demo.newslink.club/embed/1dY_HxWdwdsaaQjdO_nDZO-c8z2EAbV6W/view/?sub=https://sub.vanlong.stream/subdata/Gunjan.Saxena.The.Kargil.Girl.2020.Hindi.720p.WEBRip.x264.srt or https://gpp-demo.newslink.club/embed/1dY_HxWdwdsaaQjdO_nDZO-c8z2EAbV6W/?sub=https://sub.vanlong.stream/subdata/Gunjan.Saxena.The.Kargil.Girl.2020.Hindi.720p.WEBRip.x264.srt
  21. delegnt

    video sitemap

    Did you fix it with All in seo pack or Yoast ? I can't get video sitemap at all with both plugin !
  22. Hi, I just get DooPlay theme and i want to use it in my site that show the Turkish Series : esheeq The cuurent template is have some issue from the end and don't have many feuthers like DooPlay, so i want to move all my old content to this theme. Is there any problem for that? and is it will working fine ? Thanks in advance
  23. ¿Alguien puede recomendar un buen Plugin para que se suscriban los visitantes a nuestra web y puedan recibir notificaciones cuando se publique nuevo contenido en la web? estoy buscando uno pero no sé cuál será el mejor, que puedan recibir notificaciones de películas, series, temporadas y capítulos nuevos
  24. I have tried that and i still have a invalid API key for DBmovies
  25. very simple to increase page speed index- first ull need to move all css scripts to bottom , after that use smush to regenerate images, and regarding seo - recent update fixed rich snippets to corretly show movies - project is far from dead:)
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