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  2. I have the same issue. The player will load but buttons are not working (frozen) when you click
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  5. JW-player no working , and then he said plyr.io player is working fine, i selected this but that is also not loading, only display preview but don't play video
  6. Select "JW Player" to display player Appearance > Dooplay options > Video Player > Page jwplayer
  7. my player is not loading, it keeps on 5 seconds and remain there, never loads.
  8. Merci beaucoup ­čśë
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  10. Please @emeza make this feature possible again. I can modify layout and css whatever I want but I would like to use poster image and not episode image. Thanks @Akai do you have solution for poster image and not episode image?
  11. Megustaria que la opción de Language fuera modificable por uno mismo, por que hay persona que se confunden cuando se le agrega en Idioma Spanish y no hay opción de Poner Latino.... Ayúdame en eso @emeza

  12. Where can I post to request for this function to be added back on in the next update?
  13. the only reason this mod can't use on dooplay 2.3.1 is poster function on episode editor already remove by @emeza so i can't get the poster on episode home module. thanks
  14. I would LOVE this to work on v2.3.1!!! If it is not possible on the latest version, I would have to downgrade but I don't know where I can get my hands on the previous versions.
  15. Hi, Sorry for posting this here, but i already tried to contact you 2 times using the "Contact us" form (https://doothemes.com/forums/contacto/) I sill can't access the documentation and many other forums, even if my license key is registered on my profile. Can you do something ? Thanks in advance
  16. This has nothing to do with dooplay. Change your video host and use verystream or femed. They only have 1 ad.
  17. I started a movie streaming website with the help of your theme. My problem is that when I open the website as a visitor and click the movie to start playing, it takes at least 9 pup ups to start playing, witch is way too much pup ups.
  18. please fix for support latest dooplay,,, hehe
  19. hello i updated this new version of theme found out a bug please fix this as its necessary http://test.animeonline360.com/episodes/tenchi-muyo-1x1/ this is the url ehere i have used the wordpress native video short code - [video width="1280" height="720" mp4="http://anyvideourl.mp4" poster="http://animeonline360.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/WhiteLogoPlayerTrans.png"][/video] but video player is not covering whole video player area provided please fix this bug so that upgrade to the latest version of the theme please help. waiting for your reply
  20. Hi after extensive testing on my site by enabling and disabling plugins, Gutenberg editor plugin doesn't seem to be compatible with the current version of dooplay. Is dooplay designed not to recognise/enable Gutenberg editor? I am personally not a fan of the Gutenberg Editor, but one of my major plugins I use is dependent upon it for the setup stage.
  21. Acabamos de descubrir que el reproductor jwplayer en dooplay con videos .mp4 no funciona en los navegadores safari de ios principalmente, alguien conoce la causa.
  22. be advice.. this modification don't work with latest dooplay version
  23. xaxa you wait to tell Where upload the MP4´╗┐ file :xd
  24. dooplay v2.3.1 trending Computational anomaly Watching data calculation errors, and most movies will suddenly disappear in trending When more than 1,000 viewers disappear into trending Many movies are watched but they don't appear in trending pls engineers to repair and update
  25. hello, I don't have search last code css on lastest dooplay
  26. Where do you upload the MP4 file?
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