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    seo question

    ez in functions.php find # ( For DBbmovies ) Episodes slug structure define ('DOO_ESEAS',''); // Season define ('DOO_EEPISOD',''); // Episode define ('DOO_ESEPART','x'); // separator replace with # ( For DBbmovies ) Episodes slug structure define ('DOO_ESEAS','Saison'); // Season define ('DOO_EEPISOD','Episode'); // Episode define ('DOO_ESEPART','-'); // separator NB: old post will stay the same new post with the new permalink sorry for my english
  4. I'm seeing a lot of 404 errors related to missing cast pages for names that have an apostrophe in the name, like Ed O'Neil or Peter O'Toole The issue is somewhere in the import (DBMovies data or how it import the data). Trashing the post and re-importing seems to solve the problem, but I still have wait for a 404 error to appear before I am able to locate it being a problem. I.e Cast is showing a name of Ed O' ... instead of Ed O'Neil wtih a link of /cast/ed-o039/ instead of /cast/ed-oneil/ Problem seems to be if the person with the apostrophe is the LAST cast member as it's not happening on all movies for the same actor, just some.
  5. Infinity

    Option for subtitles

    And one more question, can i use more than 1 domain name? The same site but with 3-4 domains? (For ex: movies.com, watchmovies.com, watchmovies.ru...)
  6. Infinity

    Option for subtitles

    Is there option to insert subtitle in video?
  7. how to put gender slider on the homepage Dooplay?
  8. Earlier
  9. Hello emeza 

    can you help me I opened a thread

  10. 20180610142529.PNG

    Hola emeza, si estoy usando Yoast SEO deberia desactivar esa casilla?

  11. kryme

    seo question

    Probably this must be changed $dt_episodes = array( 'post_title' => dt_clear($tituloserie. ": ".eseas.$season.esepart.eepisod. $episode), 'post_content' => dt_clear($overview), 'post_status' => 'publish', 'post_type' => 'episodes', 'post_author' => 1 );
  12. lifely

    seo question

    you can edit permalink 1x1 template but you have to modify the code, this option will be included in next update
  13. kryme

    seo question

    Do you know if its possible to change the episode import from Name: 1x6 to Name season 1 episode 1 ? for example?
  14. comicrapers

    How to remove sidebar

    i am unable to remove sidebar column from home page
  15. emeza

    Contact form not sending notification

    Did you set up Google Recaptcha? Did you check your SPAN tray? Did you verify if PHP Mail is enabled on your server?
  16. After a visitor contact me through contact form or report a problem by clicking the report button i am not receiving and email notification of their action, i have already enter admin email on wordpress still not working. please can you tell me what to do !
  17. lifely

    How to remove?

    >using nulled theme >asking for support ./\.
  18. SpyCraft3r

    How to remove?

    How can I remove this link? https://imgur.com/qNmIF59
  19. sreamsite

    Openload subtitles

    Before some time stopped showing subtitles from openload. Before that worked everything. The player shows them as recorded, byť they do not work. Their exchange does not help. Please help. Thx
  20. Nou4r

    Can I get a discount code?

    For Discounts you gotta waint for them, they dont give individuals discount codes randomly.
  21. Can I get a discount code?
  22. therebel

    Encode in HLS and Self-Host Videos

    Not a facebook fan, cant help, sorry.
  23. francis

    Encode in HLS and Self-Host Videos

    Pls can you guide me on how i can host my videos on Facebook too
  24. aradechoco

    DooPlay MyanimeList API

  25. Nou4r

    DooPlay MyanimeList API

    Please consider this, im sure it will boost sales and help alot of users.
  26. Perfect, I will thank you infinitely .. 😃 I add you to my list of contributors and we will enable translation in German.
  27. Nou4r

    Can't translate Login Form

    Stated here: \me\inc\doo_init.phpTranslate Line 1570, 1572, 1573, 1574, 1575, 1576 & 1577
  28. I will gladly help with the german translation
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