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  2. Hi, i guess the paid version of JWPlayer supports it, not sure about the current version offered by Dooplay. I would suggest you to host your video files over fembed.net as their player (customizable) has VR feature! proof: i.imgur.com/bjDWl3U.jpg Regards.
  3. Dear Sir, This is a wonderful theme and I love the theme very much. Recently I have some VR/360 videos but they cannot be played on the theme as what VR/360 videos should be like. Can you add options to let we choose to let JW player play the VR/360 videos. I know that JW player support the VR/360 videos. Thank you.
  4. Last week
  5. my site has been bombarded with ALOT of proxy copy sites and they're using cloudflare, so my server dude just decided to block ALL cloudflare ips, may I have your ip to allow me to update TV-series? this really sucks but without enabling cloudflare I can't update my site, Thanks
  6. can you message me your cloudflare ip? so I can enable it to go through my firewall? it seems after letting down the firewall, I can update the site now, what's your ip to enable on my firewall? Thanks
  7. hi guys, when I add movies with imdb id it works, but when I tried adding TV-Series with TMDB id it shows NULL, it used to be working? what setting did I do wrong? Thanks
  8. Thank you soo much emeza...
  9. I really regret the confusion, apparently our system did not generate a verified client account .. but we just granted all the corresponding permissions.
  10. Earlier
  11. Im a paid customer...still no response to my post...my fb messages..emails....tickets... WHAT IS THIS...NOW THEY HAVE REMOVED MY ACCESS TO CUSTOMERS ONLY FORUM AREA WHAT I DID WRONG???? PAID FOR 2 WEBSITES LICENSE ????
  12. not working on dooplay 2.3 because @emeza remove poster on episode editor.
  13. The problem is solved šŸ˜
  14. Hi everyone, I have a problem with Dbmovies I can't activate it, I added my API from TMDB but at every attempt I always get the error message "API key invalid". I have already contacted support twice and still no answer, so please help me šŸ˜„ Here my screenshot:
  15. Any chance you can make it work with dooplay 2.3 @Akai? My main goal is when I hover over a episode poster on homepage to show (like prior 2.3) the episode number (1x8) and the name of the tvshow. I know its something small but this way we know excactly what episode there is without having to go under the poster on the really small fonts to find out... The idea is that episode posters do not have the title of the show like movies do.... This was nice... I like the new update but please dont get rid of small mods @emeza that where better prior 2.3
  16. Hello, can u create a api for get a mp4 ? we already have our website and we do not want cms, just an api to have all movies / series / animated with associated mp4 link
  17. emeza


    Claro que si, sucede que me ausente por algunos dias por problemas de salud.. tuve un intervenciĆ³n quirĆŗrgica, pero desde hace algunos dias ya ando de nuevo por aca.
  18. hola? aqui hay alguien?
  19. aun esta a la venta el theme no? me refiero a dooplay
  20. Can u upload the documentation for dbmvs ? we need to integrate the catalog of movie
  21. /wp-admin/admin.php?page=dbmvs-settings PestaƱa (requests) marca la casilla (Unknown users can publish requests?)
  22. access WHM in your dedicated server search for mod_security tools check if it's blocking some urls click in the rule id click in deploy and Restart Apache Source stackoverflow
  23. When im trting to share my MP4 movies i got this message : Not Acceptable! An appropriate representation of the requested resource could not be found on this server this error was generated by Mod_Security Any one can help us Many thanks
  24. Hi, i want to add frontend submission for Movies for registered users. How i can do that? please help me.
  25. Hi Admin Dootheme... I want to ask...I have make request page..but, can i make it public, i mean, visitor can add request without do sign in.. Thanks....
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