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  2. Puedes enviarnos tu licencia por un MP, para poder ayudarte.
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  4. Hello as the title says, when i tried the theme on a mamp's server localhost, i could generate the movies content with the imdb api option, after i moved to a real host i couldn't do it and i still can't do it i need real help please.
  5. tuto

    I'm sorry about it. I think that was a misunderstanding. Flag on tv series was not possible right? On the demo you can see no
  6. Last week
  7. tuto

    Hye! Yup its work
  8. tuto

    Hi Mystik, did work with tv-shows too? thx
  9. tuto

    Hello, Can you tell me step by step how can i upload via this way ?
  10. tuto

    direct upload it via ftp aka filezilla
  11. I do not know if this is where I should post. I did not see too much what jean meant by sending a ticket to the developers. If it was not here. You can therefore delete this post
  12. Can i filter movie by country? like the genre & year filter Can i make the movie view-able by registered user only? Can you select and change movie cover/background easily since tmdb usually have several cover & background thanks
  13. and error dooplay options - customize - Font family , Color Scheme , Primary color and saved but not changes
  14. yeas latest,Dooplay 2.0.2,
  15. Do you use the latest version of dooplay too? Means the same problem we experience
  16. same for me not working
  17. Buenas tardes, me gustaría preguntar por qué ge imdb Dbmovies no trabajo y no estaba trabajando, por favor ayuda, gracias.
  18. tuto

  19. tuto

    Hello. Very nice! I already put my .img flag and edit the file. Now need to zip again the folder and uploaded again ?
  20. Dooplay aparte de ser una plantilla con un diseño estructurado agradable, te permite trabajar cómoda y eficazmente al momento de publicar contenido, sean series o películas. Obtendrás muchos datos como trailers, elenco, datos de imdb, imágenes, posters, sinopsis, etc... Todo esto con clic por película o serie. (te ahorras mucho tiempo en escribir y subir datos). Gracias a la eficacia de nuestra API Si llegaste aquí! acabas de llegar al lugar indicado, no dudes de adquirir nuestro theme bandera dooplay. Te dejo un vídeo demostrativo de la forma de como se publica contenido en dooplay.
  21. Hello guys! I wanna start my site with online movies! But its my first time and never do ti something like that! I have this questions: 1: What need to run the "Doothemes" 2: What else need to run my Online Movies site ?
  22. Earlier
  23. Esos temas los podemos discutir en el foro de clientes, para ello necesitas una Licencia valida, tu licencia "CompuPhD Tutoriales" no existe o es nula..
  24. hai... can yo help me to show tutorial remove vote menu on main screen??? or to replace vote display to vote display at IMDB. you can loot this capture
  25. Solo mira la forma rápida y fluida de como se agrega el contenido en dooplay: Requerimientos: API key Private Key access PHP >= 5.4 MCrypt PHP Extension PDO Extension php_fileinfo Extension La forma de insertar vídeos de openloads en dooplay es solo insertando la url de tipo embebida en la option iframe y el reproductor que aparecerá será el de openloads, también existe la opción MP4 que solo sirve para insertar vídeos del formato .mp4 y el reproductor que aparecerá sera el de dooplay. Usted decide. =)
  26. Hi I want to make a movie site but initially I wont host the movie myself rather I will use openload or any other video sharing site. 1. I have seen other similar plugin and theme. One such plugin is "wpmdb" Its pricier than dooplay. Can you tell me what is the difference between this two plugin? I like the dooplay theme more and I am inclined on buying it but can you give me another reason on why should I buy Dooplay and not wpmdb? 2. How do I add the openload videos in this theme? After embedding will the video player show openloads player or the theme's video player? 3. Is there any way to automate the movie adding part in this theme?
  27. puedes enviarme por un MP acceso temporal a tu wp-admin para verificar tu instalación
  28. Estoy teniendo problemas para generar imdb. Mi sitio está registrado y la clave de la API. themoviedb todavíadejó de funcionar
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