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  3. how do i fix the page request a movie how do i enable comments on it so some one can request a movie
  4. Is there any way to post tv shows and episode manually which is not present in Tmdb. I tried to post but find that episode title changes automatically with my existing episode of another tv show. I have shared some screenshot below for better understanding. Here I have create an episode titles Hello and add feature image manually when I clicked the episode its title changes to Made.In.heaven.... which is the title of another tv show episode I have posted earlier. I am not getting the issue.....
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  7. Quiero eliminar un tema de worpress pero no puedo...el tema es de dootthemes es nulled t quiero eliminarlo y no puedo... Quisiera me ayuden a eliminar ese tema dooplay 2.3 ...para poder instalar otro original...por ayudenme ...se puede ingresar al explorador de archivos en donde estan los temas de worpress de mi hosting......por favor ayudenme que ya no puedo actualizar mi hosting
  8. Resize poster Vertical to Horizontal
  9. my seo all in one pack does not load, does not update at all, what could be wrong or this plugin does not work on the dooplay theme? if someone could be helping me
  10. Va a dependeer del idioma que importas los titulos (moovies) y de los datos que se encuentren en TMDB Si al importar los datos no se agrega un trailer siempre puedes hacerlo manualmente. pegando el ID del video en youtube en la sección Vídeo Trailer
  11. Checked here - https://dbmvs.com . Key looks ok . But not working
  12. No puedo descargar la Documentacion o echar a andar los Trairlers, donde veo eso?
  13. Screenshot here. Using this link: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7366338
  14. Just update mine using WP Rocket Cache Pro + Cloudflare DNS https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?url=https%3A%2F%2Ftopmoviesonline.org%2F&tab=desktop
  15. Verify your api key on https://dbmvs.com
  16. Hi everyone. I have an error when i put the key show me API Key invalid IM TRY CREATE MORE THAN ONE APP IN MOVIEDB but i really cant run. Please help me!
  17. hey guys i hop all you are fine im looking for someone can make some of customized on my theme dooplay v $$ of course not free
  18. No one helped me on Feedback and Bug Report topic I created. Please help me on that page only.
  19. Hello Developer, Glad I bought this Dooplay theme.😀 Very responsive and decorative. The reason I'm being here is how to play videos with JW Player or Plyr.io. Whenever I add video links with them, it shows 403 Forbidden error. Stuck here. The another big problem😴 is where to host my movies with JW Player or any other player without ads. For instance, see this website: GoMovies. It is not mine. This website has hosted its videos on Streamvid but I can't figure out how is this possible? the website is blank. My website is Movies by DelhiTalkie. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!😃 Image for reference:
  20. Hello I tried do what you said but it's only hinding "video sources" written there but not hinding the source, IAM using the latest version 2.3.1, please help me
  21. Hello I tried do what you said but it's only hinding "video sources" written there but not hinding the source, IAM using the latest version 2.3.1, please help me
  22. Theme Translation EN to ar

  23. Managed to figure out a few things, still need help with a few more if anyone can help ❤️
  24. Need to update the theme, but the website always prompts the wrong username or password. After clicking the forgot password, the email address opens the prompt link is invalid. Please enter your username or email address. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Your password reset link appears to be invalid. Please request a new link below. Username or Email Address
  25. If someone could even just tell me which files I need to look at editing that would be helpful?
  26. check your screenshot. it get removed
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