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    Open /wp-content/themes/dooplay/inc/doo_links.php Find: $fico = DOO_GICO.$doma; Add After: $domn = ($type == __d('Torrent')) ? 'Torrent' : doo_compose_domainname($murl); Find: $out .= "<td><img src='{$fico}'> <a href='{$link}' target='_blank'>{$ltxt}</a></td>"; Replace with: $out .= "<td><img src='{$fico}'> <a href='{$link}' target='_blank'>{$domn}</a></td>"; Your post links will look like this:
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    Has someone already built filter into its theme? I tryed this one https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/beautiful-taxonomy-filters/ I put it into archive.php to filter for language/region Looks not perfect but it works do someone use another plugin?
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    ¿Cómo coloco las esquinas redondeadas en la pantalla de inicio? Ayuda por favor ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How do I place the rounded corners on the home screen? please help
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    In this tutorial I show you how to translate the dooplay theme permanently so that you do not have to re-translate it after an update. First of all we will need a free software to edit and create an .mo file and a .po file. Download Poedit here: https://poedit.net/download 1. Install the Poedit software • Follow the installer. (I do not think I need to explain how to do it is very simple. Just follow what is written.) 2. Take your mtms.pot file in the theme at the following location dooplay/lang/ 3. Open your mtms.pot file with poedit • Right click > Open with > Poedit 4. Edit with your translations • (create new translation) • ex: fr_FR for the French fr_CA for Canadians en_US for the Americans en_BR for the British etc ... 5. Now we save in .po and .mo • For the PO: File > Save As > mtms-fr_FR.po > Save (change well with your language of translation) • For the MO: File > Compile MO > mtms-fr_FR.mo > Save (Same... change well with your language of translation) 6. Put your files mtms-fr_FR.mo | | In wp-content/languages/themes/ mtms-fr_FR.po | That's all for me. If you have any questions I speak french and english do not hesitate in the comments !
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    I am in full translation of the original file to French. (Mine is a bit modifier so I want to provide you with a clean translation)
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    @Erick me pondrías la "N" de mi nick en mayúscula si no fuera molestia?
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    good to know https://www.sistrix.com/blog/want-slowly-kill-content-google-simply-use-directory-structure-dates/
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