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  1. it is likely that you have a Firewall activated on your Website or directly on the server.
  2. Clearly this is a modification, perhaps you are just directing the home page to a custom page.
  3. Hello,

    I am new with this theme.

    I have problem with home page.

    Nothing the same with demo.

    Please help.



  4. Shortcode in Video Player not working? 

    I need to embed an .mp4 video with a HTML5 Video Player in WordPress. But, it is not working. I'm using Videojs HTML5 Player. To embed the video with the player, I added the video with the plugins shortcode in the Video Player settings as Type Shortcode or HTML. Code: [videojs_video url="https://bit.ly/--"]

    The video works and plays well in the browser default player but the plugin's player isn't working. Please help me out figuring the issue.

    1. delhitalkie
    2. delhitalkie


      Please help me, it will be great and good for me.

  5. Qué versión de PHP estás usando ?
  6. Verify your api key on https://dbmvs.com
  7. Megustaria que la opción de Language fuera modificable por uno mismo, por que hay persona que se confunden cuando se le agrega en Idioma Spanish y no hay opción de Poner Latino.... Ayúdame en eso @emeza

  8. Emeza agregue una película que no me aparece en la pagina ni tampoco puedo editarla pero dice que esta en la base de datos

  9. I really regret the confusion, apparently our system did not generate a verified client account .. but we just granted all the corresponding permissions.
  10. emeza


    Claro que si, sucede que me ausente por algunos dias por problemas de salud.. tuve un intervención quirúrgica, pero desde hace algunos dias ya ando de nuevo por aca.
  11. Hello Sir

    my comment box button showing but not look like dooplay theme button.

  12. Number activatios. Number sites in guarantee. https://doothemes.com/items/dooplay/?view=license
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