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  1. emeza

    Integrar framework css

    Exactamente para que?
  2. emeza

    Differences between plans

    Number activatios. Number sites in guarantee. https://doothemes.com/items/dooplay/?view=license
  3. emeza

    DBMovies API

    yes.. only WordPress... Something special that you need?
  4. emeza

    DBMovies API

    Dbmovies is only created for DooPlay.. access is limited only to verified customers.
  5. emeza

    mi sitio esta siendo reportado por dmca

    Haz probado con este servicio ---> https://hostproton.com/
  6. emeza

    mi sitio esta siendo reportado por dmca

    Cual es tu sitio web??
  7. emeza


    Exactly what do you want to do with JWPlayer .. What is special about your JWPlayer ... Some problem to report with the current JWPlayer ..
  8. emeza

    fallo al activar el theme

    He modificado el archivo que puede estar dando este problema con PHP 5, por favor vuelve a descargar el archivo de dooplay y prueba nuevamente.. https://doothemes.com/account/downloads/
  9. Quote

    hola estas




  10. Remember that external influences infuse in the performance of your website, can be advertising, players, tracking codes .. among others .. any external element will always influence the load of your website, just analyze what it is about in the GTMETRIX and verify it

    i do have any advertising or players on the web site

  11. Hello emeza 

    can you help me I opened a thread

  12. 20180610142529.PNG

    Hola emeza, si estoy usando Yoast SEO deberia desactivar esa casilla?

  13. To address memory limit issues, there are two paths: Adjust it yourself Contact your hosting company Do It Yourself To adjust on your own, here are some methods to try. Be aware that this section requires advanced knowledge; it is not basic. Edit your wp-config.php file: Add this to the very bottom, right before the line that says, “Happy Blogging”: define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT','256M'); WordPress memory can be different from the server – you need to set this regardless of server memory settings Edit your PHP.ini file If you have access to your PHP.ini file, change the line in PHP.ini If your line shows 64M try 256M: memory_limit = 256M ; Maximum amount of memory a script may consume (64MB) Edit your .htaccess file If you don’t have access to PHP.ini try adding this to an .htaccess file: php_value memory_limit 256M Contact Your Host Should you not feel comfortable in trying the above methods, or the above did not work for you, you need to talk to your hosting about having them increase your memory limit.
  14. Hola emeza, ya he visto que vais a cambiar el diseño en la nueva actualizacion, tengo una pregunta.

    Todas mis peliculas que tengo en la version actual se acoplaran automaticamente a ese diseño? 

    Un saludo

  15. Hola emeza, he visto que el theme ha dañado varios dominios, pero por ejemplo he visto la web poseidonhd y veo que anda sin problemas, he comprado un servidor dedicado solo para mi web y ni aun asi puede estar un dia sin caerse.