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  1. Emeza agregue una película que no me aparece en la pagina ni tampoco puedo editarla pero dice que esta en la base de datos

  2. I really regret the confusion, apparently our system did not generate a verified client account .. but we just granted all the corresponding permissions.
  3. emeza


    Claro que si, sucede que me ausente por algunos dias por problemas de salud.. tuve un intervención quirúrgica, pero desde hace algunos dias ya ando de nuevo por aca.
  4. Hello Sir

    my comment box button showing but not look like dooplay theme button.@emeza

    My Site Comment Box Button Screenshot:


    Dooplay Theme Comment Button Screenshot:


  5. Number activatios. Number sites in guarantee. https://doothemes.com/items/dooplay/?view=license
  6. yes.. only WordPress... Something special that you need?
  7. Dbmovies is only created for DooPlay.. access is limited only to verified customers.
  8. Haz probado con este servicio ---> https://hostproton.com/
  9. Exactly what do you want to do with JWPlayer .. What is special about your JWPlayer ... Some problem to report with the current JWPlayer ..
  10. He modificado el archivo que puede estar dando este problema con PHP 5, por favor vuelve a descargar el archivo de dooplay y prueba nuevamente.. https://doothemes.com/account/downloads/
  11. Quote

    hola estas




  12. Remember that external influences infuse in the performance of your website, can be advertising, players, tracking codes .. among others .. any external element will always influence the load of your website, just analyze what it is about in the GTMETRIX and verify it

    i do have any advertising or players on the web site

  13. Hello emeza 

    can you help me I opened a thread

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