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  1. Akai

    ADD new flag for Dooplay theme

    direct upload it via ftp aka filezilla
  2. Akai

    Adblock plugin For Dooplay

    have you try this ? i already try before since dooplay v1.0.0 but not working i don't know now
  3. Akai

    Adblock plugin For Dooplay

    hye, what adblock plugin did you guy use compatible with Dooplay theme. please let me know
  4. I mean have This on dooplay
  5. addlink on post editor link grifus lol..
  6. how about add link on Editor ? can i see a demo..
  7. hye, has i see demo version add link function normal user even guest can sent link. its is no good for validate authur site. please make add link can disable for normal user and guest or disable addlink button complete.. ass i know there are no addlink on editor pages tq..