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  1. rockadub

    ADD new flag for Dooplay theme

    I'm sorry about it. I think that was a misunderstanding. Flag on tv series was not possible right? On the demo you can see no https://dooplay.themes.pe/tvshows/
  2. rockadub

    ADD new flag for Dooplay theme

    Hi Mystik, did work with tv-shows too? thx
  3. good to know https://www.sistrix.com/blog/want-slowly-kill-content-google-simply-use-directory-structure-dates/
  4. rockadub

    Filter Plugins for Series/Movies

    Has someone already built filter into its theme? I tryed this one https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/beautiful-taxonomy-filters/ I put it into archive.php to filter for language/region Looks not perfect but it works do someone use another plugin?