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  1. Hi all, How please to change Video Sources and write other thing like : choose your player => https://ibb.co/LxXdNVV Thank you !
  2. Hi friend, Thank you so much for your help but im using Dooplay 2.2.2 and i dont found : <!-- Regular Player and Player Options --> <?php DooPlayer::viewer($post->ID, 'movie', $player, $trailer, $player_wht, $tviews, $player_ads, $dynamicbg);?> On (inc/parts/single/peliculas.php) Can you help more please ? TY !
  3. Hi all, how please can we change video sources position and put it after synopsis ? Please see attached picture Thank you so much
  4. Hi all, Please what is the signification of Runtime Episode ? Thank you !
  5. HI all, Please i have a big problem with some episodes. Lot of them are not showed please see the exemple : Episode 921 is created but i cant see it. Link to this episode is also working Thank you a lot
  6. Thank you so much for your help, its works for all but i have a little probleme on tv show please see picture. How can i fix please because poster si too big => https://ibb.co/Z6K8SLc Thank you
  7. Hi all, How are you ? Can you please give me the code to put on dooplay css to get the Round Corner style on all movies / featured and tv show posters ? Thank you so much !
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