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  1. Aquí lo tienes un poco modificado: https://www.descargavideos.es/
  2. <i>Nuevo</i> Si no cierras la etiqueta es normal que se te descuadre.
  3. JrM

    Dooplay dead?

    Dooplay is dead, there is no support ... let alone there will be updates. Months ago failures were reported and there they continue. Do not dream awake.
  4. Without hair you live better. It is more páctico.?
  5. .module .content .items .item .poster{width:100%;height:100%;float:left;position:relative;overflow:hidden;margin:0;padding-top:140%;border-radius:10px}
  6. JrM

    the last update

    2.1.4 – Released: July 31, 2018 With this version we end DooPlay v2, drastically improve the delivery of the database, repair common problems that were reported and update all new services for Dbmovies. Optimize delivery of get_post_meta (Important). Add Database cache system. Update JW Player 8.4.4 Update Google Drive scraper download link. Update Dbmovies services. Fix Episodes first_air_date field null. Fix Translations. Fix Admin bar ( hidden only for users ). Delete Google reCAPTCHA validation. Delete Google drive JW Player page.
  7. Change in the permanent links 'tv-shows' by 'tvshows'
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