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  1. Managed to figure out a few things, still need help with a few more if anyone can help ❤️
  2. If someone could even just tell me which files I need to look at editing that would be helpful?
  3. What are you using to host the video?
  4. Hey Everyone! I've played around with everything and I had a few questions I was hoping could be addressed. I am using this theme as a personal solution to manage my movie and TV collection. Previously stored on OneDrive (just streaming directly), I have purchased GSuite and will be moving my collection over. There are maybe 15 users max. Do I need to do anything to protect my connection? Site only accessible when logged in and share links are not shared to anyone else but me. A few other things I was looking for help with are. Answer to the above Remove Ratings (complete) Remove Views (complete) Remove Social Bar on mobile Remove Social Links on website (such as Movies and tv links) (complete) Remove Add links section (complete) Remove Sidebars on movies (complete), tv shows, seasons (still looking) Make the template full screen instead of fixed What file to add the code for my video slider code (complete) I have looked everywhere on these forums and other websites without luck or enough explanation for me to do it myself. Thanks again for any help and have a super day!
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