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  1. Shortcode in Video Player not working? 

    I need to embed an .mp4 video with a HTML5 Video Player in WordPress. But, it is not working. I'm using Videojs HTML5 Player. To embed the video with the player, I added the video with the plugins shortcode in the Video Player settings as Type Shortcode or HTML. Code: [videojs_video url="https://bit.ly/--"]

    The video works and plays well in the browser default player but the plugin's player isn't working. Please help me out figuring the issue.

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      Please help me, it will be great and good for me.

  2. No one helped me on Feedback and Bug Report topic I created. Please help me on that page only.
  3. Hello Developer, Glad I bought this Dooplay theme.? Very responsive and decorative. The reason I'm being here is how to play videos with JW Player or Plyr.io. Whenever I add video links with them, it shows 403 Forbidden error. Stuck here. The another big problem? is where to host my movies with JW Player or any other player without ads. For instance, see this website: GoMovies. It is not mine. This website has hosted its videos on Streamvid but I can't figure out how is this possible? the website is blank. My website is Movies by DelhiTalkie. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!? Image for reference:
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