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  1. did it by <h3 class="epih3"><?php echo doo_isset($postmeta, 'episode_name'); ?></h3> <?php echo 'your content' . the_content(); dbmovies_get_images($images); ?>
  2. I did it by editing episodios.php. We can close this thread.
  3. @savke Eg, like we have customize content for shows aswell movies, i would like to do something like that for all episodes http://prntscr.com/yujlzx
  4. @savke Do you know how to add extra content to episodes?
  5. @savke Thanks I have updated theme and it works in one line.
  6. Hi, like in the title. I'm trying to customize content, but unfortunatelly it doesn't show on movie/show. https://prnt.sc/yqgtt8 my settings are on the screenshot.
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