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  1. I saw that just some files have changed. My doo_player for example is still the same
  2. Not Working on dooplay 2.4.1
  3. It worked great! I have a little problem with my nginx but it was just cors. I used this code ffmpeg -i 03.mp4 -codec: copy -start_number 0 -hls_time 6 -hls_list_size 0 -f hls 03/stream.m3u8
  4. brow... I have a lot of data... there is no error for me. For your message i'd like to ask if are u starting right now to use it?
  5. Dooplay already have jwplayer....also plyr.
  6. I saw some people using this... Is that really okay? Don't be offline later? I also tested others proxys and was like this.... and it looks like juice, but I do know it is not
  7. The most people use free realease, or the jwplayer.php from the theme. There is no mistery. It's just to use it as iframe...
  8. I'ts a good point... I also edit all my theme, rs
  9. It's not that good... you'll need to start to create a lot of redirects...
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