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    Open /wp-content/themes/dooplay/inc/doo_links.php Find: $fico = DOO_GICO.$doma; Add After: $domn = ($type == __d('Torrent')) ? 'Torrent' : doo_compose_domainname($murl); Find: $out .= "<td><img src='{$fico}'> <a href='{$link}' target='_blank'>{$ltxt}</a></td>"; Replace with: $out .= "<td><img src='{$fico}'> <a href='{$link}' target='_blank'>{$domn}</a></td>"; Your post links will look like this:
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    Has someone already built filter into its theme? I tryed this one https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/beautiful-taxonomy-filters/ I put it into archive.php to filter for language/region Looks not perfect but it works do someone use another plugin?
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    Hello everyone, Happy to launch the first tutorial of this forum In this one I show you how to add a flag in your Dooplay theme (minimum version 1.1.9). I will create here the flag and the language MULTI (for blueray type movies with multiple audio files of languages. For me English and French) To start, we have to create the small flag with photoshop, Gimp or others montage software with dimmenssions 16 x 11px in .png format (for me multi.png) As I am nice, if you want my flag it is disponnible here. Then we will put our flag in our theme at the location: */wp-content/themes/dooplay/assets/img/flags/ Now let's make sure that dooplay recognizes the flag and assigns it to a new language. To do this we will go to edit the file init.php (new file doo_player.php) which it finds in: */wp-content/themes/dooplay/inc/ At the very beginning of this file you should see: // flags function dt_get_player_language() { $idiomas = array( __('---------','mtms') => null, __('Arabic','mtms') => 'ar', __('Chinese','mtms') => 'cn', __('Denmark','mtms') => 'dk', __('Dutch','mtms') => 'nl', __('English','mtms') => 'en', __('English British','mtms') => 'gb', __('Egypt','mtms') => 'egt', __('French','mtms') => 'fr', __('German','mtms') => 'de', __('Indonesian','mtms') => 'id', __('Hindi','mtms') => 'in', __('Italian','mtms') => 'it', __('Japanese','mtms') => 'jp', __('Korean','mtms') => 'kr', __('Philippines','mtms') => 'ph', __('Portuguese Portugal','mtms') => 'pt', __('Portuguese Brazil','mtms') => 'br', __('Polish','mtms') => 'pl', __('Romanian','mtms') => 'td', __('Scotland','mtms') => 'sco', __('Spanish Spain','mtms') => 'es', __('Spanish Mexico','mtms') => 'mx', __('Spanish Argentina','mtms') => 'ar', __('Spanish Peru','mtms') => 'pe', __('Spanish Chile','mtms') => 'pe', __('Spanish Colombia','mtms') => 'co', __('Sweden','mtms') => 'se', __('Turkish','mtms') => 'tr', __('Rusian','mtms') => 'ru', __('Vietnam','mtms') => 'vn', ); return $idiomas; } We will have to create a new language and give it the name of our flag image Add the line of code: __ ('Multi Language', 'mtms') => 'multi', In the list (preferably in alphabetical order) You should have this: // flags function dt_get_player_language() { $idiomas = array( __('---------','mtms') => null, __('Arabic','mtms') => 'ar', __('Chinese','mtms') => 'cn', __('Denmark','mtms') => 'dk', __('Dutch','mtms') => 'nl', __('English','mtms') => 'en', __('English British','mtms') => 'gb', __('Egypt','mtms') => 'egt', __('French','mtms') => 'fr', __('German','mtms') => 'de', __('Indonesian','mtms') => 'id', __('Hindi','mtms') => 'in', __('Italian','mtms') => 'it', __('Japanese','mtms') => 'jp', __('Korean','mtms') => 'kr', __('Multi Language','mtms') => 'multi', __('Philippines','mtms') => 'ph', __('Portuguese Portugal','mtms') => 'pt', __('Portuguese Brazil','mtms') => 'br', __('Polish','mtms') => 'pl', __('Romanian','mtms') => 'td', __('Scotland','mtms') => 'sco', __('Spanish Spain','mtms') => 'es', __('Spanish Mexico','mtms') => 'mx', __('Spanish Argentina','mtms') => 'ar', __('Spanish Peru','mtms') => 'pe', __('Spanish Chile','mtms') => 'pe', __('Spanish Colombia','mtms') => 'co', __('Sweden','mtms') => 'se', __('Turkish','mtms') => 'tr', __('Rusian','mtms') => 'ru', __('Vietnam','mtms') => 'vn', ); return $idiomas; } Save the file. Then go to your site to check if your flag is well disponnible. To do this connect you on your administrator space and edit a movie. In the options of the video player. Verify that your language has been added in the "Flag Language" menu (as in this image) Now you have your new language and your new flag that should display like this on your website: Already finished ! I hope to help you XOXO EDIT 02/10/17: The flags are now in the file doo_player.php. I have edit this post with the new code
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    Hola, tal vez no sea la manera de agregar los/el sitemap generados por yoast personalmente he agregado los sitemap y sin problemas de esta manera: https://www.tu_web.com/movies-sitemap1.xml https://www.tu_web.com/movies-sitemap2.xml https://www.tu_web.com/movies-sitemap3.xml https://www.tu_web.com/movies-sitemap4.xml estos aumentan con el contenido de tu sitio para géneros y calidades seria https://www.tu_web.com/genres-sitemap.xml https://www.tu_web.com/dtquality-sitemap.xml ... Entra a https://www.tu_web.com/sitemap_index.xml veras la lista de cada sitemap y ver cual quieres enviarle a google, bing, yandex... saludos y suerte!!!
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    In this tutorial I show you how to translate the dooplay theme permanently so that you do not have to re-translate it after an update. First of all we will need a free software to edit and create an .mo file and a .po file. Download Poedit here: https://poedit.net/download 1. Install the Poedit software • Follow the installer. (I do not think I need to explain how to do it is very simple. Just follow what is written.) 2. Take your mtms.pot file in the theme at the following location dooplay/lang/ 3. Open your mtms.pot file with poedit • Right click > Open with > Poedit 4. Edit with your translations • (create new translation) • ex: fr_FR for the French fr_CA for Canadians en_US for the Americans en_BR for the British etc ... 5. Now we save in .po and .mo • For the PO: File > Save As > mtms-fr_FR.po > Save (change well with your language of translation) • For the MO: File > Compile MO > mtms-fr_FR.mo > Save (Same... change well with your language of translation) 6. Put your files mtms-fr_FR.mo | | In wp-content/languages/themes/ mtms-fr_FR.po | That's all for me. If you have any questions I speak french and english do not hesitate in the comments !
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    hye, what adblock plugin did you guy use compatible with Dooplay theme. please let me know
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    good to know https://www.sistrix.com/blog/want-slowly-kill-content-google-simply-use-directory-structure-dates/
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