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  1. It's a running gag .... I post screen of my first dmca 8 years ago ... I understand how manage dmca i simply tell for the homepage of movie and tv show. Exemple dmca in movie https://demo.ews.pe/dooplay/movies/ for tv show https://demo.ews.pe/dooplay/tvshows/ if you change permalink of movies or tv show all movies and tv show have new url .... And dooplay dont have system for changes strictly the homepage of movie and tv show
  2. well i receveid my first dmca in 2013 I know how dmca work... The actually problem of dooplay for the part of site.com/movie/ or site.com/tv-show it's after dmca the only solution is redirect all sub movie or tv show.
  3. Apparently you like titanic and 2 time you dont understand.... savke.com/movie/titanic <== savke.com/movie/titanic-1 redirect it's basic savke.com/movie/<=== if you changes this all movies have new url savke.com/movie-2/titanic savke.com/movie-2/deadpool
  4. if i change homepage of movie or tv show all url is modified ...
  5. website.com/movie website.com/tv-show page ... not movie or tv show.
  6. Hello, how you changes the movies or tv show after you receveid dmca ?? exemple actually the home of movie and tv show it's changes in permalink. If i changes movies => movies-free/titanic or free-tv-show/the-walking-dead it's modify all movie url and tv show url i need changes strictly the home of movie and tv show
  7. you have french files ?? I have multiple term i dont have idea what is it
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