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  1. Support is dead around 1 year all stable version is not stable
  2. No i think he mean movies post parmalink example he got dmca to this url https://demo.ews.pe/dooplay/movies/zack-snyders-justice-league/ and he want to back again to google he need to change movies url
  3. He want to change permalink of movie name or tv shows
  4. Your question how you changes the movies or tv show after you receveid dmca ?? I am not talk about permalinks in setings i am talking in permalinks in post example I am use this https://siteurl.com/movies/balkanska-medja/ When i am get DMCA from google i am change to https://siteurl.com/movies/balkanska-medja-1/ https://prnt.sc/10he89g This is for each movie or tv shows. I hope you understand now
  5. Example when I got dmca movie titanic i am change permalink in post from titanic to titanic-1 and that is all
  6. then change to movies
  7. I dont know realy but you can add something custom via php file. You must ask @emeza about that.
  8. How you mean give me some examples
  9. movie/titanic-1 and you will be back on google.
  10. First you should provide url not image.
  11. Better leave to report only episodes you will be spammed
  12. @emeza if view counter dont work for tv shows why is on theme included trending ( trending is based on views ? )
  13. You can add byself just copy paste code from movies idk where is bcs i am not look at new theme but you can integrate very easy.
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