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  1. I dont know realy but you can add something custom via php file. You must ask @emeza about that.
  2. How you mean give me some examples
  3. movie/titanic-1 and you will be back on google.
  4. First you should provide url not image.
  5. Better leave to report only episodes you will be spammed
  6. @emeza if view counter dont work for tv shows why is on theme included trending ( trending is based on views ? )
  7. You can add byself just copy paste code from movies idk where is bcs i am not look at new theme but you can integrate very easy.
  8. check here https://wordpress.org/support/topic/oops-something-has-gone-wrong-and-we-couldnt-complete-the-optimization/
  9. Hire someone for work about img poster. pme about details
  10. How to help you when u post ss with non English language
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