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  1. Resolved myself I just reinstall wordpress and do follow the guide. Again I never get any support from this theme designer.
  2. Hello,

    I am new with this theme.

    I have problem with home page.

    Nothing the same with demo.

    Please help.



  3. Hello, I try to config my home page. On www.domain.com is still loading, like a capture. Please advise with thanks CK But on the www.domain.com/movies is working
  4. Resolved. I registered account here https://dbmvs.com .
  5. After I reinstall Wordpress the API was change to grey but it still got "API Key invalid" in Dbmovies/Dbmvs and Setting. Please advise us I can not do anything and waiting for your support. Thanks CK
  6. We are waiting for the developer come to give us a solution.
  7. Hi, I still have problem with API Key for Dbmovies. It seems to be good. But when I put to my website is invalid I did not find give the way to resolve this. Please advise with thanks CK
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