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  1. its google drive proxy script it can use google drive links and other embedded links there is no limitation for google views with my own script but there is some versions for sell here https://apicodes.com/product/google-drive-proxy-player-advanced-script/ Best Luck
  2. i can pay for edits if any one have the solution and dont have time to help me im also going to post the required modifications on freelancer to find someone to help me instead of free support.
  3. Hello , open your website and apply developer console by pressing f12 then refresh your page and click on network tab to find out the 400 Error codes i see you have removed the slide down notification and the rating are working fine now is this the only code which is made the conflict ?
  4. Hello Again My Friend , on developer console there is some 400 Bad Requests within your website , and java-script file conflict with your website try to remove external java codes like ads stats push-notification one by one and see which java file do the conflict with your site. Regards
  5. The fix is here : https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/6080548?hl=en and you can use robots.txt file to prevent indexing such urls again
  6. Hello Support Team And All of friends here , I Need Little help with some issues make me delay launch my website and i hope you can help me with it to start my website . first my website is launched in rtl mode Arabic Language. a few issues prevent me to launch the website because the theme is not working correctly with rtl here is the problems. 1- The player embed codes not working correctly since the width of the embed not full here is the example : https://i.ibb.co/hDwz79T/1.png 2- Homepage sliders server the content from left to right and i want it to be right to left to be compatible with rtl view here is the example : https://i.ibb.co/Wty5ct1/2.png 3- search box not working correctly with some small pc screens when the screen here is example for not wide screens : https://i.ibb.co/9NcrknJ/3.png 4- when mobile view is horizontal the menu still expanded full width menu and not decreased to mobile menu icon and the theme showed like this : https://i.ibb.co/6sMYXmz/4.png Im really need your help to fix those problems because its make the site not compatible with alot of devices and this prevent me to start the website and work on it because the visitors will have some problems i want to avoid it to make the visitors like my site , i hope you care about my problems and help me . Best Regards
  7. off-course my friend we all here as a friends not competitors and i like to help .
  8. did you upgrade your vps php library's or some apache modules ?
  9. my website google page speed for desktop is 100% and mobile 96% can be increased to 100% if i spend some money but not now im still in prepare my website . and i will share with you some tips to speed up your websites and reduce the load on busy websites Regards
  10. this is mean the file of video doesn't exist any more
  11. since im also need some css modification for rtl home page slider i have the fix for your problem and im continue searching for fix for my problem within your main css fronted file find .module .content .items .item .data h3 { below it you will remove this lines text-overflow: ellipsis; white-space: nowrap; try it and tell me whats going on with you best wishes my friend
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