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  1. Dashboard/Edit/Permalinks ?? You can take: /%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/ and press "update" to get another day what is a new link That was for free✋
  2. Oh, it's these mails. They come every day. What's the problem?
  3. depends on how big your single pages will be.
  4. not everything is reprogrammed, of course. I have changed about 500 lines of code. Before updates you need to back up
  5. if you change the code, you must also save. It is not intended that the code does not change when updating.
  6. I try not to use the episodes subpages. I offer NOT for streaming but for download and these are season packs. Nobody wants to click xx Episodes to get a Season.
  7. thats what i thought... Thats the Code, but where exactly paste it at episodes/tv-shows?? <div id="report" class="sbox"> <?php get_template_part('inc/parts/single/report-video'); ?> </div>
  8. U want a Quality Logo on your TV Shows Covers and not only on movies? Version 2.4.2. inc/dbmvs/classes/taxonomies.php insert at line 65 'tvshows' to 'episodes' and 'movies' register_taxonomy('dtquality', array('episodes','movies'), $taxonomy); The tip is free of charge and more are to come, like Movies display by added date and not cinema-release-date.
  9. no idea? Movies -> Generate Report works TV Shows -> no report
  10. The Report Error button appears only for movies; It is not visible for series/seasons/episodes. The View counter does not appear for series either. Is there a quick way to fix this?
  11. funny

    dbmovies cli

    Is there any documentation about the variables used in dbmovies? I want to run the dbmovies by cli to post the links at the same time. I found templates here under Documentation for the info I am looking for. Do they exist? Then I don't have to read into it for a long time. I'll be happy to post it here as well. Sample of importing content from dbmovies and my own
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